Information on the regenerative therapy

• allergies
• regeneration and prevention
• wear and tear because of old age and loss of efficiency
• arthrosis of the joints
• in the case of cancer to improve the immune status and the quality of life
• patients weakened by medicaments
• immunodeficiency and hability to infections
• diseases of the liver
• morbus Parkinson
• multiple sclerosis
• rheumatism and its consequences
• strengthening of the immune-system
• stress burn-out syndrome
• after stays in hospital and after operations
• after serious illnesses

Internal and external Regeneration and Vitalization
Modern naturopathy comprises well-being, revitalization, strengthening of energy and the treatment of serious diseases. According to the latest findings human beings can reach an age of over 100 years; nevertheless most people realize that from the age of 30 ouwards they are subject to an inescapable process. They notice the beginning of aging, wear and tear, strein and other complaints.
For a long time doctors have known that it is better and more desireable to support and keep up the health of people than to treat manifest complaints. Whoever wants to follow this motto has numerous possibilities of revitalization and regeneration. After examining very vital elderly people we found out that their adrenal cortex as well as their incretory hormones work at a high level. The thymus gland and the adrenal cortex are of central importance in the aging process. Both secrete hormones which are a “fountain of youth”.

The Efficiency Principle of our Therapy
Regeneration means regaining and preserving physical and mental capacity, regaining and improving joie de vivre, improving memory and concentration, strengthening of the immune-system, easing or even healing wear and tear, delaying the aging process. That is what people desire. But we do not only aim at the improvement of efficiency. With our therapy we try to treat and heal somatopathic illnesses. Furthermore cell formation is activated, damaging deposits in the vessels and in the bowels are removed, the intake of oxygen and the mobility of the body are intensified.

Based on years of experience we have developed an intensive revitalization program at our hospital. We treat each patient individually and we cover patients of all age-groups. We only apply biological, homeopathic and naturopathic methods and medicaments to protect the organism from additional chemicals. It might not be necessary to discontinue with chemical medicaments. We take a middle-course between naturopathy that is to say biological medicine and conservative medicine. For regeneration it is absolutely necessary to be relaxed and rested. The friendly, quiet atmosphere of our hospital and its idyllic surroundings support regeneration.

The Therapy

Our regeneration therapy comprises a wide range of varions therapies adjusted to individual patients. At the beginning of the therapy our doctors intensively interview the patients. After that we use our holistic method of diagnosis. Then we make up a therapy plan together with the patients. If necessary we make changes during the stay at our hospital so that the treatment can always be adapted to the situation. This therapy requires an inpatient treatment from one to several weeks.

We may apply the following treatments depending on the medical requirements.

• complete thymus-extract therapy
• oxygen therapy
• snake venom therapy
• biological and homeopathic infusions to complement the treatmentn of basic illnesses and   complaints
• physical treatments such as massages, lymphatic drainage, magnetic field therapy, short-
wave therapy, electric stimulation therapy, eichotherm, underwater massages, hydrotherapy
according to kneipp and kinesitherapy
• intravenous oxygen infusions according to Regelsberger
• HOT treatment
• acupuncture
• colon-hydro-therapy
• chelate-therapy
• living-cell therapy
• arthrosis therapy