What are we doing?

- We examine blood and urine.
- With out CIHT-Test (Cytomed Immun Health Test) we can detect acute Immunodeficiencies and analyze them.
- The test consists of 13 different methods of investigations.
- With our test, we can proactively detect immunodeficiencies before they are detectable in the blood or in computer CT
- Cooperation with Biochemistry in the laboratory LADR- Dr.Röck und Kollegen. Baden-Baden
and Nuclearmedicin, Dr.Meier MRT.Computer-CT, bone scan.
With what we investigate?

All diseases are characterized by damage caused in the immune system.
- We examine with image analysis system from Zeiss.
- With our microscopes from Zeiss, you can have a look at the blood.
- Targeted biochemical analysis (Roche) after preselection in microscopy.
- Early detection of immune defects. These immunodeficiencies lead to a faster aging process.
- Monitoring and therapy for various diseases.
- We create a personal treatment plan based on the observed defects.