The Cytomed Immune Health Test

Rheumatic fever, migraine, allergies, cancer … most medical conditions have their origin in a weakened immune system. The immune system however has the ability to build up protection against most conditions by itself. Based on this knowledge and with the help of the CIHT system, we collect data about the condition of the immune system and possible cell damage. Thus health problems can be identified early and precisely- sometimes years before developing into serious threats. At the same time we can determine the exact biological age of a person under the microscope. All we need are blood and urine samples.

With the CIHT-Test, which consists of 13 (thirteen) independent examination methods, blood and urine samples are being examined with state-of-the-art image analysing systems and microscopes. (Patients can see their blood images live on screen) followed by targeted biochemical Analysis (Roche) upon a pre-selective phase through microscopy.

The system is applicable for the following medical conditions:

Nerves & Brain
Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, migraine, stroke aftercare, restless-legs-syndrome, inflammation of nerves, chronic pain syndrome

Heart and Blood Circulation
Reduced blood flow, high blood pressure (hypertension), low blood pressure, vascular plaques, arrhythmia, malfunction of thyroid glands

Bones and Joints
Arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, back problems, Bechterew disease, post-operative continuous pains, non-healing fractures

Metabolism and digestion
Cancer, allergies, asthma, bowel disorders (Morbus Crohn, colitis ulcerous, diverticulitis), degenerated heart muscles, lungs, liver, stomach, prostate and bladder

Pathological troubles and Symptoms
long-term indistinct pains, stress symptoms (burn-out syndrome), reduced effectiveness of the immune system, predisposition to infection, loss of vitality, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), chronic constipation, menstruation problems, menopausal problems.

Individual Therapies for each Patient

Multimodal Therapy consists of several types of therapies within one single treatment. I.e. for allergies: conventional Anti-allergy LAC-Cell-Therapy, Corticoids and Antihistamines are being employed. Here we actually repair the immune-system in order to restore normal function of the immune system. This results in the patients restored natural well-being. The same applies for rheumatism and most forms of cancer.

Individual Therapies (based on the CIHT-Test) with a special blend of medication. Those interactions herein are our special Know-How.

LAC-Therapy: Normalizing and Programming of the Immune Cells, with fine-tuned mixtures of medication for the individual.. The white blood cells, Leukocytes and the Lymphocytes are thereby stimulated and activated to resume normal function.

Hormone and Immune System Therapy & Anti-Aging Therapy. Growing old in good health.

With this examination and therapy program we are the leaders in this field in Europe.