CIHT, a Cyto-Immune Health Test, informs you on exact information on your momentary health status, i.e. the biological age of your cells and organs, the vitality index of your immune cells (Immune Status) and the metabolism of your overall organism.

- Laser-Scan-Mikroskopy. (System Zeiss. Leica)
- Image Analysis - Systems
- PCR - Method
- Biochemical Laboratory Parameters, Immunology, Enzymes, Virus-Infections

Molecular Staging
Histologic Results:

Tumorcells and Infections:
This Quantifies the Tumor cells circulating in your blood, which do not manifest there with healthy patients. Whenever a malignant tumor of a certain size hooks up to the blood stream (Metastasis through Connection to the Blood Stream: (medical term: Angiogenesis) it begins sending out Tumorous Cells. If f.i. in case the amount of Tumor Cells increases after removal of the Primary Tumor, then this is a proof for the Tumor having regained access to the blood stream.

If however the number of tumor cells in the blood stream after a related therapy with Cytostatical- or Immunetherapeutical Medication converge to zero, this can be safely interpreted as a sign of total rehabilitation of the patient.

If on the contrary the number of tumor cells in the blood stream increases, this is a sign that the illness is proceeding. If the amount of tumor cells remains stable this is termed as being a Stable Remission. Tumor Cells of 1 mm in size already are able to insert information into the bloodstream. The medical Term referred to in this case is Metastasis through Angiogenesis.


1) Bacterial Development Phase - Organ Stress The Somatid Cycle:
Protoplasts= Bacterial areas apparent with Plasma, Protoplasm (L-shaped bacteria open Bakteria) The Protoplasms are a result of repeated application of Antibiotics. This stimulates growth of the L-shaped bacteria which grow into large body bacteria. -Bacteriacycle "The Somatide Cycle" Aerobiosis -resistant Mycelic forms.

Molecular Staging PCR, LSM
Histological results
Evaluation in % per cm² (appr. 0.155 in²)
normal 3-4 %

2) Histology: BLOOD CELL PROBING after Dr.Scheller. Dr.Herrmann, Dr.Wolf.
Histologic Result:

Assessment Function Test:

I Dysoxybiosis: (possible pre stage of a cell derailment)
- Blood Analysis i.e. Blood Cell Analysis. Cellinfiltrate within the red bloodcells.
II Precancerosis: An impairment of the cell respiration is apparent.
- Blood Analysis: Hollow Spheres are apparent within the Erythrocytes. Red spheres with dark interior.
III Cancerosis: Deformed Hollow Spheres within the Erythrocytes, irregular spheres, square and angular shaped.
IV Carcinomtumor: Blood Analysis - Vesicles and Cysts within the red blood cells. Cysts typical and small and large Vesicles.
V Metastasis: Destruction of Blood Cells. Count per cm² (appr. 0.155 in²) Immune therapy, Supportive therapy.

3) Medical Investigation after Dr. RECKEWEG:
Histologic Results:

Following the teachings of Dr. Reckeweg every illness is a result of poisonous substances (Honotoxins). Often the Organism itself is able to excrete these toxins by itself by self-regulatory mechanisms. These mechanisms have been well classified following the teachings by Dr. Reckeweg.

I- Humoral- Cell-Phase / left of the Biological Serration.(Disposition phase)
Excretion Phase: ( f.i.: Sweat, Sebum, Saliva, Sneezing Cold, Mensural Secretions, Blood, Hormones)
Reaction Phase: ( f.i.: Furuncle, Erythema, Eczema, Rhinitis, Thrush, Herpes, Endocarditis, Muscle Rheumatism.
Deposition Phase: ( f.i.: Cysts, Polyps, Neuralgia, Gout, Edema, Swollen Lymphatic System, Lung Effusion, Myogelosis, Rheumatism.

II- Cellular- Cell-Phase / left of the Biological Serration.(Constitution)
Impregnation Phase: (f.i.: Migraines, Headaches, Virus-Infections, Liver Impariments, - Pneumonia, Prestages of Tumors.
Degeneration Phase: (f.i.: Fibromyalgis, Dermatosis, Paresis, Tuberculosis of the Lungs, Sterility, Impotence, Nephrosis.
Neoplasm Phase: (f.i.: Ulcers of Stomach and Bowels (Ulcus), Ca of the Nose and Mucous Membranes. Alle Ca Stages with destruction of the cells. The regression of the actuating Factors of the Disease into a Humoral- Cell-Phase, left of the Biological Serration.

4) Bloodcell Examination after Prof. Linke./ Histology:
Examination Parameters: Plasmaproteine-Rings. IgG, IgM,
Fibrinogenes, Albumin, alpha-2 Makroglobulin.
Histologic Results (assessment per cm²):

CELLSTATE after Prof. Linke: In case of Disease the Surfaces of the (red and white) BloodCells are destroyed by Infections, foreign protein substances and cell decomposition products. A reaction of the immune system does not take place.
alpha-2 Makroglobulines, Fibrinogenes, IgG, Prealbumin- Assessment.

The B- and T- Lymphocytes are impaired in their function. The Objective is to normalize the Cell rings, the Plasma- Proteine-Rings through a targeted Immune therapy. According to Prof. Linke most of the Disease Processes are solely a result of a disarray of these Immune complexes, resulting in Cell-infiltrations + Destructions of Cells. These are the causes of Allergies, Rheumatism, Skin Eczemas, Psoriasis and Neurodermitis. Symptoms such as Chronic Weariness and Fatigue, as well as Depressions, Headaches, Migraines and malignous Neoplasis. According to Prof. Linke a Neoplasis (Ca) can be detected up to 4 years ahead of the Ca Localization. Examples: Mamma-Ca. Prosthesis-Ca etc.

5) Fibrinolysis - FIBRIN - DEFECTS: after Prof. Bradford./USA
Histologic Results (assessment per cm²):

In the Thesis of Prof. Bradford well defined Fibrine structures are to be fiound within the Plasma. Fibrine is one of the most important Substances of our Blood Analysis. As the Fibrine covers all vessels and supplies the all of the Connective and Supportive Tissues of the human body with nutrients it is of utmost importance of an overall assessment of the patient. F.i. several Diseases can lead to defects in the FibrineTissues, f.i. Arteriosclerosis, Circulatory Disorders, Tissue and Organ Rheumatism, Autoimmune Deficiencies and significant Cell Destruction Symptoms with CA-Derailments (significant Fibrine Destruction). Infections always lead to impairment of the Adenosine Triphosphate Cycle (ATP) through cell stress and bacteria toxins. This leads to an inhibition of the Immune complex actions and a reduction of the T- and B- Lymphocytes Aktivity. This may even lead to a chronic state. (Prof, Koch „Surviving Cancer and Viral Infections".)
Cell Derailment and early diagnosis 4 years before a tumor develops.

6) State of the Basic System after Prof. Pischinger / Vienna:
Assessment (Summation of singular Immune Parameters):

The Basic System is the summation and Interaction of humeral Liquids, such as blood, Fluids of the lymphs, internal tissues, organs, connecting tissues, nervous and immune systems. Sin´gnificant stress of the Basic System (Interstitium: Connective- and Supportive Tissues) results in a reduction of the viscosity through Environmental- and Body Toxins. F.i. Recurring infections produce Hanotoxins (Poisons). The Thesis of Profs. Pischinger and Reckeweg are based on this knowledge.

A comparison of the Connective- Muscular Tissues with a full garbage can is appropriate atr this point. This results in stowages in the connective tissues. The Derangement of the Immune System and Diseaseous Processes become a chronic. For the patient this often results in a lengthy suffering.

7) Cancer Cell Stickness" after . Prof. Dr.-med. Wrba (Vienna) Enzymatic Blockade.
Atypical Cell Structures apparent? Histiocytes apparent?!

In order to differentiate Neoplasis (Tumormarkers) we suggest an exact differentiation of Lyphocytes and other cells; CD3 + CD 4: NK: Quotint. Cea Values.

8) Enzymes. Organs, Virusses, Immune. etc.
- Thorough Heogram
- Liver: GOT.GPT, GGP
- Lipids: Triglycerids, Cholesterines HDL. LDL.
- Kidneys. Creatinin, Uric Acid, Urea.
- Heart. CK, CPK.

- Tumor. Tumormarker: p53 CD 3. CD4, AP, PSA, CEA, CEA 19-)- etc.
- Virus: CMV, EBV, Chlamydia, Hepatitis. etc.

- Immune system: Cell-related Immune status: T-Cells, B-Cells, Quotient.
- Anti-Aging. M+F: Immune system, Hormones, PSA. Progesterone.
- Perfusion: Homocysteine.
- Rheumatism factors RF. ANA, ASL and Infections: CRP.
Blood count and Leukocytes.

a) URINE : Biochemical Parameters.

b) Toxicology: Superlamination Reaction after Prof. Herget: Assessment Skatol

c) Toxicology: Environmental Analysis:

Nitrate Ammonia
Ammonia produced through Bacteria in the Bowels (Protein Degradation)

10) Summary:
Biological Cell State:

RECOMMENDED THERAPY: Oral, Injections. Multimodal – Therapy
URGENT: we highly recommend Immune Therapy in Baden-Baden:

6-10 adaptive Cellular Immune Therapy of Lymphocytes, where the immune cells of the patient are re-injected after invitro-stimulation. Good examples are the LAK¬Therapy (Lymphokin Activated Killer) and TIL (Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes). LAC–Cells are mainly made up of Lymphocytes and NK-Cells, which are derived from peripheral blood. Side Effects to this immune therapy are very low and in comparison with chemotherapy can be neglected. Therefore the Immune therapy is highly recommended for ethic reasons.

Costs: Appr. €550 - €1550 per Treatment

Therapy: Oral and Immunetherapie in Baden-Baden/ Germany,
tuned with the results of the above Medical Examinations