Anti-Aging Therapy

Fit and Vital in old Age

Who doesn´t want to be physically and mentally fit when he is getting older?
Medicine and industry offer enormous possibilities to keep fit. They all pursue one airn : to keep fit and vital up to old age. We ourselves can do a lot keep 2 mind and body going: by healthy nutrition and suffecient exercise. Healthynutrition, sport activities and anti-aging creams, however, can´t stop the natural aging process of our organs, joints and bones. Living cells may vitalize the body from within. They can give the body impetens to fight against the decline and the tear and wear due to old age. Hormones needn´t be taken.

In our century the highest average life – expectancy has been adrieved. The proportion of older people in society is continnously rising. On the one hand –a higher life- expectancy is encouriging, but on the other hand old age means big problems for some people. Symptoms of decline may cause big complaints. They reduce the mobility of the joints, the function of the organs, the blood–flow in vessels and heart as well as the efficiency of the brain.

Anti-aging Medicine
The term “antiaging” was coined in the US and means: taking measures against aging and processes of aging. At the beginning of the 1990s medical doctors there made use of the results of gerontology and developed wellgrounded strategies to fight against aging and chronic degenerative illnesses B. Aschhoff PD learnt in seminars in the US, Germany and lustria that the best medicine is preventive medicine. Extensive laboratory (examinations/examination of age- depending hormones, of the vitamin- and immune status and a preventive genetic diagnosis) help us to recognise risk factors; as a consequence patients can get their own therapy plan to keep healthy and meet age actively.

Living-cell Regeneration Therapy
Let us start with a quotation of the great philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer: “Being healthy doesn´t mean to be allright but without health you are at the end of your wits.” A faulty way of life with little exercise, wrong nutrition, an excessof alcohol and nicotine an overweight can cause disturbances of the metabolism e.g. an accumulation of free radicals. The repair abilities of the body can´t cope. It leads to illnesses which must be treated unless there is no self-healing process.
With age the self-healing abilities of the body decrease whereus in young people the self-repair mechanism of the body works efficiently. In old age the body can´t repair damage any more and functions decrease. The living-cell therapy is good for patients who need fo take in more energy and whose tissue should be regenerated. By this their health can be kepton a high level.
Cells are the origin of all life. Each organ consists of cell aggregates which must be regenerated constantly. During this process some get ill, die or degenerate. The sick cells of an organ cause malfunctioning of the organ. If this status continues for a long time, a whole organ-system is blocked and disease are released. Conservative medicine tries to regulate the malfunctioning with the help of medicaments. Often, however, there are no results and if there are any there are unwanted side-effects.

Homogeneity heals
Living-cell therapy is different, but natural. The tratment follows the principle homogeneity heals with injecting respective cells of organs. The body receives hundreds of millions of cells; each organ receives its respective cells. The archetype of the cells of homeotherms is identical with human beings, cattle and sheep. Let me give two examples: in the case of a heart disease we inject heart cells and in the case of a liver disease we inject liver cells. All human and animal organ cells have the same basic plan, the same structures and the same basic functions. A Nobel prise winner has recently proved that the basic pattern is the same numbers like postal codes are attacked to cells. The injected cells reach the organs with the same codes. They stick and work there. As very rarely only one organ is ill, but mostly organ-systems, we must treat all organs involved with respective cells.

The Process of the Cell Therapy
A cell is an organism in itself with its own life and its own metabolism. A cell is the smallest unit of a life and the origin of all life. The living cell therapy is a scientifally acknowledged method. In 2000 the Nobel Prise for Medicine was awarded for providing evidence of the postal code. The Principle of Efficiency of our Therapy living cell therapy has gained good results in internal medicine (wear- and tear syndromes, heart- lung – or kidney complaints, general fatigue) in neurology (in the case of multiple sclerosis or morbus Parkinson), in pediatris and in orthopedies ( in the case of arthrosis of the big and small joints and the spine) and others.

The living cell therapie is a purely biological therapie and, if performed by a specialist nearly not dangerous and well tolerated. Cytomed GmbH Baden-Baden has been applying this natmopathic medicament for decades and as one of the few hospitals in Germany produces it itself. We observe the highest possible hygenic standards concerning our injections.

The Process of the Cell Therapy
The living cell therapy requires a stay at our hospital. First we examine the patient to find out if a cell therapie is apprepriate and to exclude infleunnations and infections. The injections are not painful because the natural biological cell material corresponds to the physiological composition of patient´s body tissue.


Duration of the Cell Therapy
We observe three phases after the infection of living-cells. The first phase is noticeable immediately after the first injection. Soluble components of the cells are taken up by the body immediately and often trigger a short- term improvement of the complaints and increase vitality. After a few hours or at the latest after one day this phase wears off and turns into the stage of immunobiological reactions.

This phase can keep on up to two weeks after the injektion. At the beginning of this period some patients feel tired and exhansted and think that their former complaints are worse. These symptoms are not noticeable with all patients. There are patients whose bodies accept the cells without problems and they very soon feel the desired effect. The more the organism needs the implanted living cells the less does it react.

The third and last phase is the stage of regeneration. It begins in the third or fourth week after the injection and lasts from four to six months. In this time the desired effect of the cell therapy is noticeable, especially the revitalization accompained by an improvement of the general state of health and an objectively measurable greater efficiency. An improved blood- flow of the skin, a reduction of wrinkles, activation of the mental and physical efficiency and a more optimistic mood are signs of revitalisation. Apart from general revitalisation the functions of the organs are improud or normalised.The final sucess of this cell therapy continnes for 6 months or several years- according to the case. Many patients have reached the desired result after a single treatment. Should it be necessary to repeat the cell therapy it must not be done in the first six months after the treatment.